090: A bow and some words

Late night, office light, bow pinned, words on the wall: what we see is mainly what we look for.


089: Again Bentley entertains

Bentley is getting a lot of viewfinder/blog time at the moment, not intentional. But when he entertained us with this little beauty tonight I just couldn't resist posting another photo of him. We were happily playing fetch, (Bentley is currently obsessed with this tennis ball) and I accidently threw it where it bounced up into the bookshelf and landed behind my books. Bentley, the determined little bean that he is, was going to get his ball no matter what. To the point where he had us in stitches, looking into the bookshelf, pulling out the books and best of all jumping into the shelf. Not the most attractive photo but oh the applause he got when he finally got his ball out, all by himself. Good work B.dog.


088: Silly much, tee hee

Haha, Ben and I were being a bit silly this afternoon. We started talking about the bags that ladies put their little dogs in. Then as we were planning on going to the supermarket we thought it would be a super funny idea to put Bentley in a green bag. Haha, he wasn't really sure what was going on at first but definitely warmed to the idea I think. Definitely not a serious photo, but I think it's a good idea to throw in these silly moments every now and again, to break up the project.


087: House VS Hurricane baby

So tonight I headed into Thriller, at Rosies to see one of my favourite (semi) local bands (well they're from Melbourne, so Australian at least) the very cool House vs Hurricane. These guys describe their sound as cinematic hardcore, I've generally been calling it electronic hardcore, but no matter what you want to call it, it's a great sound! Right up my ally, because Ben's music is a little too heavy, hardcore for me, but the electronic stuff breaks it up and add a whole new dimention to it that sets them aside from the ebb and flow of everyone else in this music genre. The guys (Chris, Chris, Joey and Ryan) put on a great show, got a great crowd response and I thoroughly enjoyed rocking out (although not hard like some of those crazy kids) and trying to get some sweet shots. It was hard to choose in the end, as I had a lot of pics but I loved this close up (how often do I get a close up at a gig?!) of Chris getting his scream on, the crowd all up in his face and drums in the background.


086: Visit Cloudland!

Well ladies and gentlemen, I am happy to announce that Cloudland, after much anticipation, has finally opened it's doors to the public. And what a 'land' you enter. I didn't know where to look first, there are just so many cool features in this club. Pod chairs, a herb stand in the bar, a bar made out of glass balls, beautiful tiles in the toilets, mosaics on the floor, chandeliers, a ceiling that can open in minutes, ice sculptures and grass lined stairs... just to mention a few. You are transported to thoughts of Neverland and spoilt for choice with a tantalizing cocktail menu. A must for anyone looking for a relaxed and slightly magical place to hang and a bit older than the swarms of freshly turned 18 year olds. I took as many photos as I could this evening and despite there being so many wonderful things in here, most of my pics where wide scene shots of different areas, and not so focused on the details. This is my pick of the day as it shows one of the quirky little corner pods, giving just a teaser of the rest waiting to be discovered.


085: In a spilt second

This bird landed on the washing line just as i pulled into the driveway this evening. I realised what a good shot it could make, especially with the colour of the sky in the background. I quickly scrambled for my camera but knew that if I got out the bird would probably fly away. So I just wound down the car window and took the best shot I could from where I was sitting. Pretty happy with how it turned out, I think it's the silhouette part that I like.

084: A fruity find

Twice a week at my work a fruit box is delivered to each kitchen, a little and healthy treat for the staff. The arrival of the fruit box is normally surrounded my much excitement, whispering and tip offs, because in our area you have to get in quick to get the popular stuff. We are the fruit demons. However this week was more exciting than usual as I made quite a spectacular discovery. This wonderful, autumn coloured pear, with leaf intact was sitting there, nestled amongst the apples and bananas. How this little leaf survived the turmoil of a trip out to our office I will never know but it made my day to find such a wonderful subject so naturally I plucked it from the box and brought it home to photograph. Delicious.


083: Soup is for sick people

I've been a bit sick today, so my possible photography subjects were a bit limited from my couch, but some soup has helped and for that I think it deserves a click.

082: And the old boy

This is my other dog, my family's dog, Benji. We've had him since I was in grade 8 so he's now the ripe old age of 10. He's a lovely companion (sometimes guard dog) and so quiet when you're used to a mad little puppy jumping around all over the place (Bentley!). And since Bentley has got his nose in a number of 365 photos now I thought it was about time the old boy got his portrait taken too.


081: Fetch?

Haha this is one of my next favourite photos of the project! I never expected to capture such an action shot, and when I pulled out the camera today I wasn't even sure what my subject was going to be! So I was real chuffed when with the help of Ben (and Bentley I suppose) I captured this little game of fetch in the backyard. It just goes to show that great pics can come out of nowhere. I always seem to get plenty of duds when I try and photograph Bentley playing in the garden, I think because he moves so fast. So I actually sat down and tried to think of the best angle and direction to capture him from. Turns out, throw a ball directly at the camera and this is what you get!

080: B'day wishes, B'day drinks

This evening we headed out to celebrate a friend's birthday with a few drinks at the Normanby. Funny how a few drinks always turn into a lot of drinks?! But I managed to take this at the earlier end of the evening. Since it's Brendan's birthday we were celebrating I wanted to capture him with his lovely finance (and my close friend) Samantha in one of these little moments they share. Cute! I don't know why I always go for black and white photography with people, there's just something about it that I like.

079: Hello Black Dove Body Bar!

By now I'm sure you guys know, this evening it was time to head into Black Dove Body Bar for the official launch party! What a lovely job the girls had done setting up both for the party and with their studio! It looked amazing and there was definately a buzz about the room. I know technically (again) I have cheated, as this is not ONE photo, but like I said before, lucky I can adjust my own rules to suit, and I just couldn't pick one shot to post from the evening. I wanted to share more of this exciting new venture with you guys. There was plenty of colour, style and atmosphere for me to try and capture and I am very pleased with the photos I got out of the evening. A big congratulations to Claire and Lindsey on creating such a wonderful studio that I hope will see many, many faces. Both familiar and new. All the very best for your first week dovelies, everyone else pop in or check out www.blackdove.com.au for more info.


078: A quick latte

I discovered this cosy little cafe just down the road from my work the other week and thought I'd pop in for a quick bite and a latte for lunch today. Turned out it was a lovely place to read my book in a quiet corner and gave me the opportunity to just get away from my desk and the computer. I also saw the opportunity for a nice photo and tried to capture this sweet, little cafe's atmosphere and decor.

077: A dovelie

A second sneak peek into Black Dove Body Bar and just in time, their launch party is happening this Friday evening. So that means they are open for business from next week!! This is my lovely friend Claire, of Claire and Lindsey. The Black Dove creators and directors. I captured this shot in the studio just after my pilates class with Linds and love how colourful, cheery and excited Claire looks.


076: The couch is for shut eye

Bentley's catching some shut eye on the couch this evening. I'm just chillin in my comfy pj's, catching up on some TV, a delightful and relaxing evening all round really. I had to ask my flat mate to go and get my camera for this shot cause I didn't want to wake the little beast, I never would have captured such a cute and sleepy look otherwise. I think it's time to head to real bed now, good night and sweet dreams everyone


075: Quilted goodness

This pic is for my friend Tegan (who also happens to have a blog, more focused on words though and a wonderful read so you should definitely check it out - tea is for terrific). Now just the other day it was Tegan's 21st birthday so today, naturally we were discussing presents and it turns out, just like I did for my 21st, she received a hand made quilt from her Mum. Thanks Mums this is a beautiful idea and one of the most special presents we received. I promised I would show her what mine looked like so, Tegan, here's a little glance. I can't wait to see what beautiful colours and patterns your Mum has created for you. Frankie could definately write a Mum/quilt/talent article!

074: Not the original 74

Today's photo was actually of water trickling down the glass in the shower, however I seem to have experienced some technical difficulties which have resulted in a select few of my pics being wiped from my camera's memory card. I am bitterly disappointed (guess I should be using a polaroid camera instead and then wouldn't be in this strife) as I just cannot understand why this happened, so if anyone can offer any suggetions into why my camera would register recent pictures along with a whole bunch of older ones and then just delete the handful from the last couple of days and not touch the others that would be great. Luckily for me I'm still keen to show off some more of my film camera results so I can use some of these shots as back up. This one was taken from our early camping trip at the beginning of this year when I stumbled across the tiniest of tiniest post offices. These were the PO Boxes outside and I just loved that rustic and old look to them.

I still feel a bit like I am trying to make excuses for my incomplete homework to my teacher but I guess you guys will forgive me this time?!


073: Little bro's talent

Thank you Nick again, for suppling me with some weekend inspiration. My little bro had an exhibition coming up soon (in May I think) at the Nine Lives gallery so head to 
http://www.myspace.com/artanaesthetic to suss him out a bit or stay tuned to the Nine LIves blog to catch the date of his show. He's been tweaking a few pieces for exhibition and this is just a small sneak peek of one of my fav's.


072: Pretty sky

This gorgeous coloured sky caught my eye when I got home this afternoon. I love the way the clouds spread themselves throughout the sky and the lovely warm peachy tones of the setting sun. It actually reminded me of the sky and clouds in the opening credits of the simpsons episodes. Bit random but still very pretty. I'd also just like to wish my friend Tegan a very happy birthday :) Hope you've had a super day.


071: Through my cordial cup glasses

Looking for some ways of experimenting with new angles today. Glass is a great place to start, it produces interesting reflections and distortions with every shot, and by only slightly moving the camera you can score a whole new result. I love trying to capture exactly what I can see through my eyes and that means trying to get the camera to see what I see, not lowering myself to the camera. This photo just makes me feel like a kid looking into a huge glass of cordial on a hot summers day. I'm in love with bright and colourful things at the moment so the yellow totally caught my eye! 


070: Big Burgers

At the moment my flat mate and I are on a bit of a meal health kick. But I kicked it aside tonight to give the newly opened Grill'd burger joint, just down my street, a go. As usual a large menu proves many, many choices and big burgers prove that still 3 hours later I'm totally stuffed! This was my "hot mama" burger, a hot beast with some hot colours captured for a hot photo. Phew!


069: Self portrait

Still trying to get used to this self portrait business, but I thought it was about time for another one and I just got a cute new hat so I wanted to show it off. I just love the colour!


068: From the heart of photography

That's right today's pic is actually a film photo taken on my old Canon EOS 3000 and today was the exciting day that I got my first prints back. So I'm being a little tricky here in that I didn't officially snap this photo today but I did recieve the photo back and get to look at it for the first time today, I think that counts just as much don't you?! Anyway luckily for me I get to make the rules, and today is all about the heart of photography - film. I was both pleased and disappointed with various shots from the film. I'm stoked that some actually came out, the waiting game is a whole new (or should I say old) element before you get to see how your pics come out and this is one of the things I relish about this form of photography. I can see I need plenty more practice at mastering the old beast. Should be fun!


067: Young Designers Markets

Clear skies marked the start of an exciting and vibrant day at the Young Designers Markets, Southbank. As I arrived the crowd was already buzzing amongst the stalls, but it didn't take long to run into some friends and local talent! Today's shot is a quick snap of Little Jane Street's quirky and cleverly laid out stall. There were plenty of trinkets here to draw you in, the stand out feature being a lovely cream bird cage showing off a handful of Alarna's delightful cards. Although I have to admit my favourite was the little ceramic horse tucked away with the old fashioned typewriter, what everyone was really interested in is Alarna's unique, collage inspired cards. Go to www.littlejanest.com.au for her full range of greeting cards and other stationery products or read her frequently updated blog sharing Little Jane Street's current projects and inspirations. 

I'd definitely recommend the SBYDM to anyone who's looking for something a little more creative than just your standard markets, with plenty of emerging artists and businesses here, there is a broad range of fashion, jewellery, stationery, art and music to check out!


066: Prawn bucket

Doesn't this just look amazing? I was lucky enough to be invited out to lunch at the recently renovated and successfully reviewed Sails, Redcliffe for Dad's birthday today. So happy birthday Dad! I hope you enjoyed your bugs as much as I enjoyed the prawns and thanks Mum for making a great choice. This little portion of beach and park along Sutton's Beach was a lovely find and served up some great photos for me today. It was quite hard to pick which 1 photo to use in this spot but I couldn't go past this one for the bright and sunny colours.


065: Round and round the round-a-bout

Tonight I wanted to capture some serious movement and lights. What better opportunity than when I'm a passenger on the way to the supermarket. Stopped at the lights in front of a big round-a-bout I sat the camera on the dashboard at snap snap snapped as an exciting experiment to see what I could get. Not a 100% happy with it, I love the blurred car lights but am not so happy with the grainy light around the street lights. I think if my camera was set up on a tripod on the side of the road this may have helped improve the shot.


064: Colour for my nails!

MmmMmm pretty colours, which one shall I pick? Enie, minie, mi-nie, mo?! Tangerine red, a lovely rouge for the beginning of autumn. It's getting that time of year when you can just feel the crispness in the air when you get out of bed in the mornings. Love it!


063: The practicality of a paper umbrella?

Why none of course...but they make for pretty decorations inside the house. I love how you can see all the frame work through the paper.


062: Silhouettes

I'm proud to finally say, this is the official photo of today! Yep, I've successfully uploaded the back log of photos taken so far this year and we are onto brand new things. Today's photo was fun to set up and tweak, to achieve the tea pot and cup's silhouette against the warm glow of the lamp as well as some pretty lines in between. 

Hope to see you tomorrow for the next installment of the 365 photography project!


061: Mementos

Again more lights! Haha I just can't help it. These cute little ornaments capture a nice little shine off their curves and the daintily painted colours and details are a nice focus point for the picture.


060: Puppy playtime

Every Aussie kid has memories of playing in the sprinkler in the garden on hot summers days. I thought this was cute as Bentley got in on the action with Dad watering his newly laid turf and made some puppy memories himself.