181: Shadows whisper

I saw this photograph in my head on the bus last week. Tonight I thought I'd head back and try and capture it for real. It's not as pretty as what I thought it might be, but maybe because the bus shot past and it was just a glimpse of an idea in my head. Perhaps I'll try re-shooting it later in the project. The idea of playing around with shadows was inspired by a wonderful blog I discovered recently called Color Me Katie. Check out her post about shadows here. She's such a crafty lady.


180: Hot stuff

Since I've been spending a bit of time in the kitchen lately I thought I'd indulge in a little herb garden. At the farmers markets last week I bought 3 little pots: dill, corriander and basil. So the weekend saw a trip to Bunnings to find a larger home for these herbs. I couldn't resist getting this chilli plant too, so the 4 are planted and happily sitting on the kitchen window sill. I've tried to capture as much light as possible through the leaves and to get a bright and fresh photograph.


179: Oh the choices

A pretty little snap shot of Mum's thread selection today. Such a lovely way to incorporate lots of colour into a simple photo. I like the angle and the way the shadows create the feeling of depth throughout the box.


178: Getting sketchy

A little sneak peek of some band t-shirts I've been working on for my boyfriend Ben and his band: Rise for November (check out their myspace for some talented hardcore tunes)! It's been lots of fun getting back to basics with pencil and paper and having a whole load of creative freedom to sketch up something awesome and totally different for these boys. Will keep you posted for future gigs where you'll be able to see the shirts in finished product.


177: Reading makes me happy

I think my piccie pretty much says it all today. What a lovely evening I've had curled up on the couch with my book after a long week . My eyes can't devour the pages quick enough! (Second Chance by Jane Green if anyone is looking for a good girly read).


176: Pretty detail

Who doesn't like something pretty hanging in their bathroom! We thought it would be a nice idea to use the towel rack next to the sink to hang our long necklaces from. Turns out, easy access, much fewer tangles and a pretty little detail to spark up the room.


175: Name please?

A cute little 3D graphic I noticed today, quite random and has no particular thought or meaning behind it. It was just nice to be out and about getting photos in bright and sunny daylight for a change.


174: Banana basics

I'm back in the kitchen this week with my eye on these couple of bananas for a delicious banana, date and walnut cake. As I'm getting this post up it's in the oven and boy it smells delicious! I've snapped a couple of pieces of fruit during the project so far, mandarins, pears, I thought it was about time the banana brought some delicious yellow into my picture. Some day's my photos just work, first time, a lovely feeling and tonight, just that happened!


173: Waiting...

Well hasn't the weather been wet these last couple of days! I was unlucky enough to choose this weekend to get all the washing done, and now it's had a few more rinses than I expected stuck out there on the line. This evening I thought it was time to get it in and down to the laundromat. My first laundromat experience. It smelt as homely and fresh as I imagined, and proved to be a great photo opportunity. I learnt how to use the continuous shooting feature on my camera, which ended up being a great help in capturing the clothes spinning around the window.


172: Tokidoki love

Tokidoki, love your work. Stickers can be such a great way to jazz up a blank space. That is if you can get past the childhood temptation of saving the good stickers for something so worthwhile, but that space never comes along and so the best sticker of the bunch never even leaves it's adhesive sheet.


171: Warm evening light

As the last of the afternoon light was disappearing over the horizon I grabbed my camera to get my hands on some lingering rays. While the obvious subject is nothing special, it's the beautiful light that I was really trying to make the main feature of the photograph. Happy weekend everyone! 


170: Late night around the dinner table

Late night, good company, a few cups of tea...I thought this summed it up pretty well.


169: Vintage flower

Check out this pretty flower that came on my new top. I just love it! It was great getting up close with the new lens and trying to figure out the best settings. I was going for really soft edges with the detail being much clearer on the petals.


168: Like the streets of Paris

As I'm sure most of you are aware by now, my work has recently relocated to a brand new building in the heart of the city. And with that move came the excitement of a wonderful new selection of cafes, shops and coffee bar. Compared to our old location we are now all spoiled for choice! Chocolate Soldier (275 George St) caught my eye in the first week because these little tables they set up outside are positioned just like the cafes do it in France. With the tables in rows and all of the chairs looking out onto the street. A wonderful way to people watch. The guys at Chocolate Soldier are super quick and friendly, there is a beautiful selection of drinks (they use Campo's coffee beans) and bite sized treats while the counter and equipment is sleek and glossy. I love the warm glow that shines out of this coffee bar in my photograph and how this bounces off the surfaces of the outdoor furniture.


167: Wall bonbons

I got out on a bit of a photoshoot around our new work building today. This cool piece of wall art is mounted on the building in the walkway to the lobby. Colourful and unique it brightens up the area and once I'd photographed it I realised, in a kind of abstract way these sheets of metal look like 3D bonbons on the wall. Like something you might find lining the corridors of Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory!


166: P!NK

Now this could have been an amazing photo, to match and AMAZING performance. Pink was truly great. The show she puts on is so much more than what most singers even dream about. We witnessed a massive carnival styled set with dancers, pillow fights, aerial tricks, gigantic blow up clowns and slides. If only I had taken my camera in. I definitely thought we wouldn't be allowed, so I reluctantly left it behind and watched everyone around me capture photo after photo. So today isn't so much about the photograph, but the memories it triggers in my head. And for anyone who is considering one of her shows, GO! It's worth every penny.


165: Fun on the dunes

Day 2 on Moreton Island and we were up for some fun on the sand dunes. These towering sandhills rise almost 50 meters up from the beach in a very steep incline. With burning calves we made our way to the top for a relaxing chill out and an amazing view. It was also amusing watching some of the braver kids try and toboggan down the slope on their boogie boards. One or 2 got up to an impressive speed but mostly it just resulted in a face full of sand. Once we were ready to head down and shot off first to get a good position lower down and capture the boys mid leap and run down the hill. I was super happy with this photograph of Michael. Full of action, sunlight and bright sky it pretty much sums up an awesome weekend!


164: Oh beautiful sunset

I feel like I say this at least once a month but here's another one to throw into the bag of favourites so far. Moreton Island has certainly delivered! We were treated to the most stunning beach sunset this evening. Our party took a bit of a stroll down the beach and along the way I had plenty of opportunities to capture different moments of the sun going down. The light it creates is just beautiful. Together these photos would make a lovely series. But this one I love because it's not just any old silhouette against a sunset. My friend Reuben actually has some pretty big stretchers in his ears and I noticed as he was walking towards me that it would make for a fabulous shot with the light captured through the holes in his profile.


163: Packing my bags

This weekend I'm off for a lovely little camping adventure to Moreton Island. I've never been before so I'm super excited about finally seeing it. I was pretty excited too when I managed to pack a very reasonable amount of clothes into my backpack and very creatively attached all the other necessities around the outside. Towel in back, check. Waterbottle in holder, check. Sleeping bag hanging below, check! Well guys looks like I'm ready to go. I've got my little camera packed too, to get some happy snaps and hopefully a few good ones for 365. Have a great weekend everyone!


162: Tricky

Way back, while I was studying at TAFE, my friend Ben took a tricky pic similar to this one. I was feeling a little bit creative today and remembered his composition so decided to try and take my own version. It involved taking a photo to get the final photo, but hopefully you can see that what is behind the computer is actually on the computer screen. Not a perfect shot today, but lots of fun and something I'd like to work on to push the concept further and further and get a bit experimental with!


161: Old crafty piece

Today when I was driving home I noticed the girl in the car next to me had a little beaded heart hanging from her rearview mirror. It reminded me that I still had a mat made from the same kind of plastic beads at home and how fun and easy they used to be to make (place beads on spiky plastic board, cover with alfoil, iron and voila). So I had a rummage around and now the mat has a proud place on my desk. I love the bright but soft fading colours caught in this photo and the strong contrast against the dark wood.


160: Bedtime TV

So tired, I almost forgot to get a picture this evening. Ooops! Lucky save. Here's a creative spin on bedtime TV. You can't beat a few Will and Grace jokes before going to sleep. Night everyone.


159: Colourful birthday

I must wish Kelly (Ben's little sister) the warmest birthday wishes today! Her friends cooked her this amazing multicoloured cake, which provided me, with a great photo subject. Kelly found this recipe on the net and shared it with her friends, they thought the best opportunity to try it out would be for her birthday and boy oh boy they pulled it off. Maybe the next masterchefs! Hope you've had a wonderful day Kel.


158: Blossoming love

Bentley has fallen in love! This beautiful girl belongs to Kat and her husband Steve (we took a little trip to the coast this weekend, dogs, possums and all). Bentley was lucky enough to be invited too and found 2 new playmates in Taya and Rexie. I thought this was a wonderful moment caught as the Bentley and Taya shared a morning lick.


157: Baby possum

Meet Izzy, the baby ringtail possum my friend Kat is currently looking after. Isn't she super cute! I poked my nose in for a quick snap at feeding time this evening. This little one will stay with Kat for a number of months until she is old enough to be released into the wild.


156: From behind the jetty

There was beautiful light falling across the Brisbane River this evening, so I grabbed my camera and whisked myself off on a super quick photoshoot. This was one of the last photos I took, so a lot of the soft orangey, pinky light had faded but I liked the pattern of this security gate. So from behind where the rich keep their luxury boats locked away I snapped this photograph. I love capturing little circles of light in the distance. It gives a photo great softness and depth.


155: Office views

Big views today! At work we moved into our new office building and this is the view from our kitchen. Lovely isn't it. The glass on the building is a slight tinge of green though and so my challenge today was to reverse this as best I could digitally once the photo was on the computer.


154: City central farmers markets

Stumbled across some farmers markets in the city at lunch time today. What a nice surprise, there were some great stalls, a great lunch alternative from the usual selection of cafes as well as a great opportunity to pick up any fresh produce that tickled my fancy. These markets are located in the square outside the casino, apparently every Wednesday lunchtime, so if you're in the area make sure you pop by and check them out. I just loved these wintery looking veggies. The presentation was great too in the hessian bags with little tags pegged on. I managed to get just a little bit of maroon in the photo today too, with State of Origin on this evening: GO QUEENSLAND!!! Woo!


153: Fairytale

I've been out playing in the night, trying to find the best settings for capturing after dark photographs. The moment I took this shot I immediately thought of Narnia. Doesn't it just look like the lamp post Lucy discovers in the forest when she steps through the cupboard for the first time. The glowing light is delicious and it's just the right kind of old fashioned looking lamp post. All that's missing is a little bit of snow!


152: New beast

So here she is! After introducing you to my new little beastie's work yesterday I thought it was a worthy subject for todays photograph. However as I've taken photos of a few other cameras throughout the project so far, the challenge was finding a new and slightly different way to capture my Canon. I should just quickly mention, I looked around for a fair while before settling on store to purchase my new toy from and in the end Photo Continental proved the cheapest and they have a wonderfully large store over at Mt Gravatt with lots of helpful and friendly staff on hand. I'm having a great time playing with my new camera and can't wait to show off the ever improving results over the next 6 months!