304: Mr square head returns

Mr Square head's back! I found him lurking in another corner of West End today. Actually this could be Mrs Square head as this one is pink. Cute - I love her on the colourful background, bright and out there.


303: Beers in the garden

Just hanging down at the local pub this evening. After the Motel neon sign I photographed earlier in the year outside the art gallery, I thought I'd have another stab at the dark setting glowing light style of pic and what better opportunity than this one staring me in the face. This time despite my beer goggles I'm much happier with the result. Happy Friday - now a beer anyone?


302: All rise - for November

Tonight Ben's band, Rise for November, played they're debut gig at The Step Inn, Brisbane. There was a solid turn out and some sweet support bands. The guys did great, and I had a great time getting some photos for them (and the project). Managed to part with my camera for the last song though and try out the hard core scene's 'throw down' style of dance. Top night!


301: Bright as bubblegum

I was chatting to someone today and much to my amusement while I was mid sentence they stopped chewing what I had just assumed to be gum, and blew a big bubble. This threw me into a state of giggles, why?! Perhaps it was because it was so out of context for a business man to be partaking in what we percieve to be a childhood activity. It certainly brought out fond memories of endless hours of chewing, trying to blow the biggest bubble possible without getting gum in my hair. Because these days, as adults it's more about the chewie - a minty stick to freshen the breath after an oniony lunch, a completely different chew texture to bubblegum - bubbles (well decent ones) are not possible with chewie! I had forgotten the joys of bubblegum. Pink, sickly sweet, oh so chewy. I bought a packet and had a great time blowing the best bubbles I could and running in front of the camera to get a photo out of it!


300: Violet sheets capeting our streets

Today's pic marks the success of reaching photograph 300 of 365! I'm super excited by this achievement and can't believe I'm barrelling towards the end of the project. How the year flies when you take each day photo by photo.

I've been noticing Brisbane's signature jacarandas each day on my way to and from work and dying to take some pics. They are very much out in bloom at this time of the year, so today I got too it and captured some of the gorgeous violet sheets that are carpeting out streets.


299: The office

Haha have been watching lots of episodes of the American 'The Office' recently. Makes me laugh :) So I had a giggle when I had to take some photos around my office today. The only thing missing is Michael Scott.


298: Late afternoon

A quieter day today, with much more mundane things like cleaning the bathroom and doing the laundry. But low and behold great photos can be found anywhere. As I was bringing my washing in late this afternoon I noticed how great this view, in paticular at this time of day, would look through the lens of my camera. So I ran inside and grabbed it and here's the result!


297: In the wild wild west

I had a fantastic day out today with Ben at Movie World on the Gold Coast. Lots of rides, lots of shops, shows, food and fun. While I've never been a rollercoaster person - I just wasn't brave enough! I bit the bullet and alongside Benny braved the Superman ride and the Leathal Weapon! Kinda cool.

The Wild Wild West here was one of my favourites though, water rides always have been. Plus on this one you get mega saturated (as you can see) and on such a hot day this was perfect for a cool down.


296: Mr square head

A funny looking graffiti man crossed paths with me while I was walking to the bus this afternoon. Simple but cute, Mr Sqaure head caught my eye, my camera and my heart. The white fill complements the other colours in this palette perfectly. Not too bright or harsh on the eye (like some graffiti), warmed just enough in the afternoon light.


295: My heart is beating like a bongo drum

Mmm a really great handmade drum found it's way under my lens this evening. Belonging to my musical bud Liam, we had some fun making silly drum beats and pulling African dance moves. I love the detail the camera has picked up in the skin and the colours of the rope holding it down around the rim.


294: Lola

Some product photography today! My beautiful boyfriend has spoilt me with the new Marc Jacobs scent Lola, I've been lusting after it since having the promo card thrust into my hand in Selfridges in England. Perfume bottles are always so creatively designed, this one is no exception. A lovely subject.


293: Glowing sky

Walking through West End this evening I was stoked to witness such a beautiful suburban sunset and have my camera on hand to get a picture. What marvelous colours! Such warmth. Summer is definitely here folks!


292: On the menu

This evening's dinner is cooking up nicely in the pan. Aparagus and dill omlette with sautéed mushrooms and spinach in between. Yum.

Sometimes I feel I take too many photos of my food. Although I do love food and I think about it alot, and since another random goal of mine is to put together a recipe book one day, I figure this is great practice at getting some good looking food pics.


291: Colour and light

Reminance of the party, but I just had to stop mid clean up and snap up some of this gorgeous light spilling through the green bottle and onto the wall.


290: Party games

Beer pong, great party game, great photo opportunity! As the boys got ping ponging, I got snapping.


289: A night at the gallery

Found myself heading to Nine Lives gallery again this evening to check out some awesome New York photography by Dane Beesley. After watching an amusing episode involving 6 guys trying to get a vintage dresser through the 2nd floor window of the gallery (successfully I might add) we climbed the stairs (the more customary option) and had a good look around. This little old chair in the corner caught my eye and looked great against the stark white walls with someone's shadow cast aross it.


288: Playing with sparklers

This post was lots of fun. I popped by the supermarket on the way home and bought a couple of packs of sparklers. Then with the help of my flat mate, a tripod, the night light (or lack thereof) I was able to capture this rather cool shot. We had to do a few practice takes to get settings, timing and handwriting correct but it's ended up producing a great photograph to represent the 365 project!


287: Empty coat hanger on door knob

The title pretty much says it all tonight folks. I promise you more tomorrow!


286: Pacman ghost

Eeeeeek there's a pacman style gost in my bedroom!!! Quick snap him up. With my camera of course :)


285: Special delivery

When I noticed Frankie was selling their first ever 'photo album' I couldn't resist diving in with my card and treating myself. Much to my excitement and not too many sleeps later, I was delighted to find this gorgeous book in my letter box. Mmmm, pages of inspiring and pretty photographs from around the world in a very delicious Frankie style. Maybe one day one of my photos will be in a future edition!


284: Something different

Inspired by the wonderful new range of 10 illustrated prints available through my favourite vintage letterpress printers, Bespoke Press, I set to work this week to produce something a bit outside the box for the 365 project. Selecting the gorgeous old gramophone photo from a few days ago (vintage is the theme here) I put pencil to paper and got drawing. It took a few shots to shake the cobwebs, but I really got into drawing these cute little pin up girls I wanted to accompany the gramophone. A little collaborative piece to celebrate the amazing Bespoke Illustrators Project. They are also celebrating the launch with the give away of all giveaways!
The entire collection is up for grabs. That's 10 prints valued at $650 worth of letterpress loveliness for one lucky winner! If you'd like to check out the prints and find out how this could be you head here! Hurry as entries close 15th October and the winner will be announced the following day. Good luck!


283: Party time

All the makings of a great party. Plastic shot glasses - previously containing jelly shots, beer, wine, spirits and all the appropriate cups. My favourite - the red plastic cups (very american teen party) with a bit of a twist. 

A stella find by friends Claire and Dave, these cups have an adhesive label on the side, with a peel back label revealing a solid black panel. Use your fingernail, a knife, biro, anything, to scratch your name or any preferred label onto the cup so you will never loose him again all night. Brilliant. 

Oh don't forget the pair of bright red party specs, just to mix things up and make your vision that little bit more challenged, even after the copious amounts of drinks previously mentioned. Thanks guys, this was one good party!


282: Music to my ears

I've been meaning to photograph this wonderful old gramophone, belonging to my friend Liam for ages. It's super cool. I'm also using it as a part of a little project I'm working on at the moment. I'll reveal more in the next day or two. Stay tuned!


281: Puppy play time

Remember Jett? Amy and Craig's gorgeous little black ball of fun. Bentley and I headed around for some puppy play time this evening. Talk about movement! These guys didn't stay still for a minute. I ended up choosing this shot as I like the angle, looking down the carpet and the swirl of black and white contrasting pups in the middle. (Hope you can all see Jett ok, sometimes the pics tend to come up a bit darker on other monitors than what I see on mine).


280: G is for Google

Up late Googling, should be asleep...


279: Hypnotize me

Loving playing with movement at the moment. Simply hung my little fob watch necklace on the wall this evening and got it swinging from side to side. Really need to get my hands on that tripod. I feel the results would have been much better. Still cool effect.


278: Dandelion metamorphous

I mentioned last weekend that I would come back to the garden shrubbery - so here I am. Love that in this photo all 3 stages of the dandelions' life have been captured. On a brilliantly sunny day, perfect for drying clothes, just under the washing line grows this little patch: new dandelion buds, sunny yellow flowery ones and in their final stages tufty white globes, just waiting to be blown away by little children.


277: The lonely hearts club

Nothing serious here folks. Just having a little Color Me Katie inspired fun again this weekend. I found some glass paint in the crafty box under my desk, so what better things to do with it than start adding mini decorative features to the windows. Cute :)


276: Near the water

Hmmm I may have been a little hasty a few days ago when mentioning another favourite. This one is pretty high up there! Which was surprising as at the time I took it I didn't realise quite what I had captured. Today I drove Candi and my little Bentley dog down the coast for an afternoon's fun by the sea. A special treat for him after deserting him for a month while I was in England. We had a great time splashing around in the waves, chasing other dogs up and down the beach, digging holes and basking in the sun. Once we'd had enough time on the open beach we pottered along the sandy waterways - came across a beautiful wedding and I got my photo in for the day. Mmm lovely.


275: Digital VS Film

The age old question! But it makes a great pic. This evening I had the pleasure of hanging out with the friends I studied design with. We love getting together for a beer, a good old gossip, some (often inspiring) creative nattering and the opportunity to bust all our cameras, photography now another shared passion. Today I think we totalled 5 between 4 people - a record! Imagine if Ash was with us :) When Tash get's this film developed I'll see if I can get my hands on her photo of me photographing her. That would be a great side by side post.


274: Banana smiley face happy

Yep creative peeps, it's that time again! Frankie arrived in my mail box :) Deserving of a big banana smiley face, that's exactly what I did. Now if you don't mind, please excuse me while I sit down with Frankie, eat my banana and get reading.