212: Everything is clearer...

This afternoon I was excited to discover a trashy magazine on our coffee table. I never buy these magazines, but secretly enjoy having a good flick through when I stumble across someone else's. So I pop out my glasses and realise that I could capture a really cool shot by focusing the text through the glasses and softly blurring everything around the frame. I was quite happy with how this one turned out.


211: Chandelier

Tonight I attended a wonderful little creative networking evening called Brisbane Artists + Bloggers + Crafters + Designers Meetup. Check out the link to read more and see a few more piccies from the evening. Held at Lock 'n' Load, West End it was a lovely opportunity to catch up with old friends and make some new ones in a warm and friendly environment. So good to see all these young and entrepreneurial creatives out and about in Brisbane. A new friend, let's call her Georgi (because that's her name) also put me onto a great blog: Brisbane Creative Industries. Founded by Hannah in April 2008 it has a constantly updated calendar of creative events held around Brisbane. Check it out, there is something to do almost every night of the week!


210: Stash of choccie bullets

Chocolate bullets... so often my pick-me-up! I just had to get a little stash. We're trying to ration them so they don't disappear all at once.


209: Spotlight

Walked by this odd little room this evening. Bare except for a few chairs and a single light, I loved the way it spotlighted down on this white plastic chair. So simple. The shadow is great.


208: The Regent

I was kindly invited by my flatmate, Candice, to a preview screening of the movie "My Sister's Keeper" this evening. One of my favourite books I was super excited. It was located at The Regent cinema in the city, what a lovely old building. I'd never noticed this detailed and beautiful artwork on the ceilings before. The things you notice when you look above average eye level, and I've been doing a lot of that lately. The bus is a great place to start. You think you know your daily trip but look up and you see all these new things. Try it next week. 

I'm keeping my lips sealed about the movie. It's out now, so definitely go and check it out (and take your tissues)!


207: Old cobwebs

Just been pottering around on this quiet Sunday morning. I took a few photos sitting on the back step while enjoying the warmth of the sun, then turned to my left and low and behold here is this wonderful old cobweb. I couldn't believe my luck. I'd just been discussing my need to find a cobweb for the project a few days ago with a friend. What luck. I would like to find another one before the year is up though. Again early in the morning so it's all dewy and fresh and catch a super sharp close up. Fingers crossed!


206: Moving

Exciting news for Craig and Amy (Ben's older sister and her hubby) this weekend. They got the keys to their brand new house. Congrats guys! So we've been lending them a hand today. Just a quirky little shot here when we got the dining room table in.


205: Way home

Bus is how I get to and from work Monday to Friday (as do many many others, including my lovely work friend Tegan - read about here most recent public transport experience here). It's not my preferred method of transport, it's too sporadic and unreliable here in Brisbane. But it's not going to badly for me at the moment. Thought I could capture this aspect of my day in my 365 project. Since home time is my favourite time of day, and the light was at just the right level, I whipped out my camera to catch a motion shot for a change, Mmmm way home.


204: Play ball

Today Bentley just wanted to play ball. This one is his favourite. A Christmas present from Ben, the holes make it much easier for him to carry and play tug of war with (unlike a tennis ball which is just that little too big to get his mouth around). Since the ball has holes in it I thought it would be cool to capture the space through this quite sharply and soften the focus on the rest of the image.


203: Shadow puppets

In a bid to entertain ourselves this evening, Candi and I got our shadow puppets on. Somehow it seemed a lot easier as kids, but maybe we were happier with dogs that were simply blobs of darkness and didn't try to perfect the shadow's outline. Was able to intensify the shadow by using a camping torch on the wall and I liked the idea of including the hand in the photo too. Give the impression of layers of human, light, wall, shadow.


202: Happy watering

A quick little arty snap at Black Dove this evening. Even their watering can is pretty. I was pleasantly surprised with the light and shadow brought up in the picture.


201: Waiting part II

Sometimes when I'm on my blog on different computers to my regular little PowerBook G4 at home I notice that some of my pics come up very dark on the screen. I understand that this is the compromise with sharing images electronically, everyones screens are calibrated differently, meaning you guys don't always see photos they way I meant you to see them. I mention it now briefly because this is quite a dark photo and since the main subject is a reflection in the washing machine window I hope that it's not too dark for some of you to see. I had so much fun at the laundromat last time with my camera I headed back again this evening and snapped up another storm. I'm still working on capturing more people so this was my creative way, through reflection. I love that there is the movement of the machine in there too again.


200: Park bench

I stumbled on this quaint old bench in the park around the corner from my house this afternoon. The sun was spilling across the greenery, it was a great place to get some photos. Ultimately I would have loved to photograph a couple of the bench. I think it would have made the sweetest pics. But it was just me a Bentley, and well he's always a great subject. It was a good test of his training too, getting him to hop up and sit there looking pensive. A very pleasing outcome.


199: Remember Seven

This evening after another day of rest Ben took me along to wonderful music performance at City Hall. The band, Remember Seven, is made up of the very talented kt, Matt (above on the piano), Joy and Toby. They formed after spending time over in Africa (Zambia and Zimbabwe) volunteering in villages of need. A band they thought, would be a great way to raise money to help these communities further. An EP and a year's worth of success later, tonight's performance was the launch of their 2nd CD, The Fruit of This Ground. Their songs are wonderful and tell tales of their time overseas. Head to their website for more on the band and if your interested in their albums.


198: Zone out with the music man

Still not feeling any better, so it's been a quiet day at home. Bit of soft music and lots of sleep.


197: Sick

I got sick today. My little sad face says it all.


196: Origin time

The last State of Origin match is upon us again. Even Bentley is suited up in his QLD support outfit! While we have already won this series (2 out of 2 to us), a GO QUEENSLANDER!!! will hopefully push us over the line for a complete maroon blitz.


195: Skinny Jean

I got an opportunity today to check out the new Hi-Fi bar at West End. And well... it's super schmick! I jumped at the chance to get a bit more gig photography practice and local Brissy band Skinny Jean were first up on stage. Great light and atmosphere helped put together this photograph. I was pleased with my snap shots at the end of the evening and had quite some trouble choosing which one to post. Candi was there taking photos too for her blog (Brizbands) and had a pretty impressive lens on her camera. We did a quick switch in the middle so it was fun experimenting with an unfamiliar lens.


194: Colour me inspired

Inspired by the wonderful Katie of Color me Katie blog, I got crafty this evening and started sticking these cute little shiny horses on our kitchen wall. A mini stampede with one lost sole travelling in the wrong direction. Gallop little horses, gallop right up my wall.


193: Lollipop

Mmm a sweet end to a sweet weekend. So tired now... Must sleep.


192: Bubbles galore

Today I am ridiculously excited. I decided to use a little pot of bubbles recently given to me as the focus point of today's photograph and with Kelly blowing streams of round, shiny bubbles I managed to capture this beauty. My favourite photo so far, it's left me on a big high. Beautiful Kelly is wearing gorgeous rich colours that highlight her dark red high. She sits so softly in the background and the bubbles, with just the right amount of clarity are floating their way towards the camera. Very exciting.


191: Big blue sky

I'm tucked away on a retreat this weekend. In the serenity of the suburban countryside. A little quiet time this afternoon provided an opportunity to roam the grounds and take advantage of the beautiful light. It was like a flower safari. Lovely. I wanted to highlight these deep pink blooms with the big blue sky. Scattered with some fluffy white.

190: Focus

I'm so excited to be learning more and more about my new camera and ways to use it more effectively. While I've been shooting in manual mode I've still kept my lens on auto focus and getting a little frustrated when my camera wouldn't take a photo of something that was too close or it was unable to focus on. But hello manual focus. I'm in love all over again. I assumed I'd be getting ahead of myself by trying to focus the camera while getting all the other settings just right for a shot but turns out it's great fun. This lovely little dried flower, artificial flower combination sitting on our dresser made the perfect practicing subject.

I'm having a little weekend away from tomorrow, but I'll still be taking photographs and be back on Monday with them ready to post. Until then everyone have a fabulous Friday and weekend. Take care.


189: Fingers and keys

There's nothing like some soft piano tunes to warm our little living room on a cold and blustery evening. With a strategically placed lamp I tried to bottle these notes into a soft photograph. Thank you Miss Candi for the music and your patience while I aimed for the perfect shot.


188: Luminous

I stopped to catch a little night light this evening outside GOMA (the Gallery of Modern Art - South Brisbane). Just driving home, I was drawn to this piece of luminous art like a mosquito is to a fluorescent light. I was stoked to capture this piece in one sharp, bright and clear photograph. Bring on tomorrow!


187: Beautiful berries

I just couldn't resist snapping some of the beautiful berries I picked yesterday on our day long adventure. They look so red and fresh in the basket on the bench. And taste just as delicious as they look. So sweet and juicy!


186: Amusement

Love love love these swing rides. Love the movement you can capture, the angles, shadows and faces! I partook in a big day of adventures with old friends today. We saw the sunrise in Caloundra, had breakie by the beach, went strawberry picking and finished up with some theme park fun at Ettamogah Pub on the way home. What a day it's been. One great photoshoot! Had lots of trouble choosing the photo to best represent such a fun day, and wish that for once I could post a series. But I got ruthless and decided, this one was a winner.


185: Words

Thought we'd head down to Rocks Riverside park this afternoon to give Bentley a bit of a run around and grab a few photos at the same time. The wintery afternoon light is just gorgeous at the moment. I think it's captured perfectly in this photo of Ben and Bentley. They are having words because Bentley thinks it's fun to bark at the other dogs. He's been a bit of a rascal, but he's back in the good books again now.


184: Eskimo

Brrr, how cold and crazy has the wind been these last couple of days! So cold in fact I found an eskimo in my backyard. Ages ago my friend Paul took a similar photo of a girl glancing sideways through a furry hood just like this one. His highlight was her bright red lips. I've been dying to capture something similar but focussed on catching the light, softly peering through the fur lining from behind. With soft edges and colours but sharp features. 

My most recent goal for the project has been to try and have a go at photographing a few more people over the next 6 months. I'm happy to have taken one step towards achieving that goal today.


183: With just a drop of colour

Remember the multi coloured rainbow cake Kelly got for her birthday a few weeks back? Well I thought it was about time I had a go at making it myself. Tomorrow my work is holding a Biggest Morning Tea Bake Off to raise money for the Queensland Cancer Council, so what better opportunity to try out the recipe. After mixing up the ingredients the recipe instructed me to divide up the batter evenly between 5 bowls and then add the food colouring. What a pretty result! I can't wait to get these colours into the cake tin and get it in the oven. Fingers crossed! If your keen to try out the recipe yourself, head to this site.


182: Lime light

A cute little asian lantern we have hanging on our wall at home. I love the colour. Gave the name of the piccie a little play on words that my work friends might get a giggle out of! The latern doesn't have a light in it. I tried to give the impression of a warm glow inside by shining a big torch up at lantern. Worked pretty well I think.