334: Over exposed sunset

Driving along Kingsford Smith Drive this evening, noticing the gorgeous sunset disappearing before my eyes, I made the sudden descision to pull over (sorry to any cars that I may have cut off as a result). Having taken a few sunset photos this year already, I went for another style this time! Looks so warm and summery


333: Time out

A random shoot around town. Playing with a 50mm 1.4 lens. Lovely light, lovely soft focus.


332: The wind in our hair

I had a lovely and relaxing day today, catching up with close friend's Anna and Samantha. Anna has borrowed her Mum's convertible while she's away so we all got a little bit excited and went for a ride down the highway with the roof down. Tried to capture some of that openess here with Anna, driving, just caught in the left side mirror.


331: Peachy smiles

Ben's band, Rise for November, took part in another photoshoot this evening. Experiementing with getting light into the dark alleyway that was selected for location we ended up driving a car in and using the headlights. Turned out it worked a treat. Peachy smiles all round. This is Steve, the singer's, head shot for their myspace. Check it out here along with the rest!


330: Shadows suggest

I'm always keeping my eye out for interesting shadows caught on walls (floors, ceilings, anywhere really). Sometimes the light can capture an object and cast a striking shadow more interesting than the object itself. I've given it a whirl this evening with this old washing basket left lying around.


329: Wind me up monkey

Discovered this little monkey at work today. You wind him up and he jumps a full back flip. I managed to borrow him for a few minutes and get some action piccies. A great opportunity to capture some quick movement, and boy does this guy jump fast. Faster than I realised. But I love the final effect in this photo - 3 stages of movement blended nicely together.


328: Bday

Today is my friend Samantha's birthday. So many warm birthday wishes to you my dear. What better way to make an ecard than doodle a little picture on a post it, photograph it and email it off. Lovely, simple and effective. It even got prime spot on her desktop - just for today :)


327: Bang bang

Little dog - still learning new tricks! Bentley playing dead. Haha, he managed to hold it for much longer that I thought!


326: New heights

It was an early rise and shine this Sunday morning! An 8am excursion with a handful of Black Dove Body Bar dovelies. Off we headed to Rocksports - Fortitude Valley for some serious climbing, well as serious as you can be while you're climbing with this fun bunch! It was a great challenge and everyone got behind each other as the morning wore on and we began to try the harder walls (with overhangs and the like). When I found myself too worn out to climb anymore I whipped out my camera and used the opportunity to get some photos at unusual heights and angles. This was by far my favourite pic of the day - Lindsey was pushing herself up this blue wall (HARD) but she totally made it. You go girl! I think the shot worked so well cause of the different leveled surfaces and the light pouring in the window above, casts some great shadows and highlights!


325: New camera old camera

This evening, just as the sun started to go down I got out my new, old camera. A Ricohmatic 35, a nice little pressie I got for my birthday, and I sat it on the window ledge. Looking out across the jacaranda laden treetops I set about doing a little experimenting. My best shot (above) has just about captured the tree branches ever so close to clearly, while the actual trees in the background have been beautifully distorted and faded. The black of the camera softy suggests the image's frame. Quite cool.


324: Scissors, paper, rock

Kicking back on a Friday afternoon. Nothing beats a bbq and a few beers. Currently Ben and I are really into XXXX's new brew Summer Bright Lager. Make sure you give it a go, it's surprisingly good! The other added bonus is that it has the old scissors, paper or rock printed under each bottle cap, so you have the joy of this old school little game everytime you and your mates open a new bottle.


323: Dear horizon

This evening I excitedly took myself off to Queensland College of Art (Griffith University) for their annual photography graduate exhibition. This year "Dear Horizon" is open to the public from now until the 21st November at the Southbank Campus. A lovely collection of the students work ranging from photo journalism and photographic art practice through to creative advertising. While I was there I took a moment out to try and capture one of the buzzingly, atmospheric rooms for my photo of the day. It boosted me with a new injection of creativity that left me with a buzz of excitement over the possibility of studying here one day!


322: What's on the box

Late night TV... about as quality as day time TV! Perhaps it's time to put a DVD on? I was a bit late getting to my photograph today, but a interesting angle on the remote while watching TV before bed made up for it.


321: Down the drain

After getting a great drain photo (I know, it sounds strange) in Bristol, England earlier this year, I was inspired to find another one in Brisbane today. Now unfortunatley our Brisbane one's don't hold the town name like Bristol's do - that's what drew me too it in the first place (a slightly different memento to have of a town). But it was a great time of day to be out shooting and I quite liked that this drain had a newspaper down there. Lucky I caught it when it did, only a few hours later the rain came pelting down so it won't be there anymore. Something different anyway. Looking down instead of up. Never know what you might come across when you aren't looking straight ahead at eye level!


320: New wall art

Candi has added these lovely looking illustrated fans to our living room wall. Very appropriate after the weather has been so hot here!


319: Warm congratulations

I'd like to take today's photo as an opportunity to warmly congratulate my friends Alarna and Dave on their recent engagement. We were all excited to hear that Dave (on Alarna's right) had popped the question and celebrated this special occasion with drinks and charming company this afternoon. All the very best guys xo


318: Beachy saturdaze

Mmm in love with the way the light has processed here, so bright and airy (refreshing after so much darkness in last weeks photos). It was the day for love too. Friends Samantha and Brendan (previously featured here and here) were kind enough to let me practice a casual protraiture shoot with them. Today I really wish I didn't have a one photo a day limit to the project though as I would love to share some of their photos with you. We had a blast and they acted like old pros, lots of smiles, small talk, laughs and running around, yet interlaced with quite moments and kisses and loving looks. I pulled Brendan aside after we had wrapped it up for a shot I'd been keen to get as soon as I noticed him wearing a pair of Ray Bans. I just wanted to capture all that sandy, salty sea goodness in their reflection.


317: Up up in the sky

Tried to snare some of the Valley's more historic architecture this afternoon. This spot in town caught my eye as a whole bunch of birds were swooping and playing around the top of the building. I only caught a few of them, but the mix of sky and building came together as great composition - especially with the deep splash of colours and just a smiggen of typography down the bottom.


316: Spider eats bee

Getting back to nature and bugs this evening, when I found this rather revolting looking spider in our bathroom eating a bee. Caught him in his web, wrapped him up and proceeded to devour him. Gross - one for the boys I think! Love the way the colours have come up though.


315: Jumpin around

Another hot favourite for this month. Full of fun after reading the Color Me Katie blog today I convinced my flat mate, Candi, to get jumping on her bed (it didn't really take much). She's a little bit excited that I've finally caught her face in one of my pics (damn I was really trying to keep her hidden for the whole year) haha no but I'm excited to catch so much movement colour and emotion. Yipppeeeeee


314: A night at the pictures

I had a lovely date at the movies this evening with my girlfriends. We caught the Michael Jackson flick - This is it. A wonderful music documentary with a side order of popcorn and giggles. Only just enough time to squeeze my photo in, but I love this theatre atmosphere and soft dots of light.


313: Tunes from the pod

Thank you ipod for wafting sweet tunes into my ears. A wonderful way to drown out the world when you can't get to sleep. Until tomorrow...


312: Nick

It's been a fair while since I caught you for my blog little brother. You weren't to escape for much longer. A great 'unplanned' pose, this is one of my favourite portrait shots of the year.


311: Le birthday cigar

Not only is it Ben's birthday today, it's also our friend Matty's. Happy birthday boys! Have a wonderful evening :)


310: Hazy

Tonight I get a view from high up places. A birthday treat. I took the opportunity to photograph some of the surrounding. I'm a bit smitten with how the grounds around the church are a little hazy, the lights little white glowing dots and the traffic whizzing by. How atmospheric.


309: Birthdays

A nice follow on from yesterday's photo - however this time the lighter had a purpose. Lighting the candles on Ben and my birthday cake! An indulgent chocolate and raspberry delight (thanks Mum!) mMmm delicious. My birthday isn't actually until tomorrow and Ben's the day after but with such a busy weekend already planned we took tonight off to celebrate with our families. A lovely evening :) It's a little bit special too that we (almost) share a birthday - always a fun 48 hours!


308: Playing with fire

Just for photographs sake.


307: Race day

Race day is here folks, The Melbourne Cup! A race that stops the nation, held on the first Tuesday of November each year. Ladies - I hope you've got your facinators or hats out. Boys your best ties. Good luck to the horses and jockey and everyone that's placed a bet! May the best horse win!


306: Speeding night light

Took the tripod out this evening and climbed this elvated path next to the main road I've been meaning to climb for a long time. For this exact reason! I knew I could get some great speeding night lights winding in and out along the river with a combination of the right settings and the tripod. What a lovely photo - perhaps one to add to the favourite pile.


305: Movember

A portrait of Ben - sporting his best 'trucker' mo to kick off Movember, the month formerly known as November. Now the annual month-long celebration of the moustache, it's main focus is to highlight men’s health issues and raise some money along the way to support these charities. So check out the website and if you've got a bro/mate/hubby/boyfie or anyone proudly growing a mo at the mo make sure you give them a little donation for their efforts and support a very worthy cause.