059: James St

On the way to see Slumdog Millionaire at the Palace Centro cinemas tonight I could barely believe it when I caught this snap almost without pausing. My flat mate and I were on the way in and I stopped her saying hang on I just have to get my photo of the day (a regular occurance for people I'm with, thank you Ben for being patient), having no idea quite what I was going to capture, I whip out my camera, point and shoot. It was exciting to get my pic in just one shot today and be a bit stoked with it at the same time. Oh and if you haven't seen Slumdog Millionaire yet, go! I highly recommend it.


058: Lightomaniac

Another chance to play with light. As you can tell I'm quite fascinated at the moment! Light is such an important part of a photo's make up. It's fun just experimenting with different sources and angles.


057: Paper shades

This lovely lamp shade sits above our dining room table. I'm very into lamps as part of a room's decoration, they can be great features and well, who doesn't want more light in a room?


056: Sneak peek

Everyone, a sneak peek into the wonderful new world of Black Dove Body Bar. Claire and Lindsey (the creators) are steadily working hard to get Black Dove ready for it's launch party at the end of March. This is a feature wall in their studio, a blackboard texture, where comments and pictures can be left. A wonderful and creative idea that will give yet another personalised touch to this exciting new business that will soon be open for business. For more news on these guys check out either their website or the Black Dove Body Bar group on Facebook.


055: Self pictured?

I just can't for the life of me think of a decent name for this shot so I guess I was going for self titled like musicians do one their CDs. But basically this is just the light that sits on the wall next to my front door. Shame it's broken, it would be very cool to get a second shot for 365 with the same composition, just at night time with the light on. We also have louvers along the front of our house so I just tried incorporating them into the foreground of the pic.


054: Balmy evenings

This is a follow on from photo number 007. This time I walked further up the river to the point where it turns and breaks off for Breakkie Creek. A lot of people have boats moored here and I just love the way the light hits them when the sun is going down in the evening. A thoroughly enjoyable photo shoot this one.


053: Hidden secrets

I went to a photography exhibition in the Valley today. View Finder was held over Friday night Saturday and Sunday at the Nine Lives gallery and gave amateur photographers the chance to display some of their film work. A very cool little place, I love that it's tucked away and you have to enter a little cafe and up through a tiny stairwell in the back corner to get there. As Nick says, it's nice to have these little hidden treasures around Brisbane. I just couldn't resist snapping the little logo stamped strategically on the wall up the stairs.


052: A creative treat

Today was all about screen printing! Together with TAFE friends Alarna and Aiden, plus a new friend Kat we took ourselves over to Capalaba for a day's screenprinting workshop with the lovely Thea of Thea and Sami. And what a great day we had learning plenty of tips and tricks for any screenprinting we want to do at home. This was my first little trial print, I was super stoked with how well everything turned out and now have a wee bit of sewing ahead of me to make some cushions out of my lovely prints. Stay tuned!


051: Thank you Mr Alexander

This was a great find for my photo today. Carrying my camera around is paying off. I popped into Peter Alexander in the city to check out a couple of pieces from his latest range and was delighted by the decor of the changing rooms. The rich velvet red curtains, renaissance like mirror and an elaborate hat stand to hang your bits and pieces on (a great idea, there is never enough hooks in changing rooms!). So with the challenge of a confined space to try and angle the shot I've aimed to capture the great little spaces they have created.


050: Soft light, big lamp

Fifty, quite a first milestone! Hooray. A simple and quite photo tonight, I love the light and shadow cast across the wall and the profile of the lamp highlighted (I love big lamps!) It's lighting up the little cup sitting on my bedside table holding some favourite beads and rings.


049: Mail time

I was very excited today when I checked the mail box and realised that finally the first issue of my Frankie subscription had arrived. So voila, me devouring the March/April issue where I can barely pause to set the shot up. If you're like me and you can't survive the long wait between issues, head to the Frankie website for their daily blogs with new and interesting tip bits from their creative, exciting and pretty world


048: Photography recycling

So this is totally a recycled photograph. The photos on either end is number 18 and part of the shoot from 29. But it's nice to see the pics printed and finished in a hang on the wall type of way. I got these done up for Ben as a little present so it's kind of cool that it's provided me with another photo for 365.


047: A nightcap

MmmMmmm Baileys anyone?


046: Get inked

I love that most Sundays my brother Nick seems to be able to provide me with a cool shot I just wasn't expecting. This is him with his new 'real' tattoo on his shoulder and the result of a big night drinking with the boys 'fake' body tattoo. It made me laugh that the first thing both Mum and Dad said when they saw him was that one better not be real! It looks pretty good though, maybe better from further away, the artist must have also been a little intoxicated, but I like it. I love that he looks a bit worse for wear too. He's just disappeared now for a recovery sleep.


045: Let your eyes be creative

Happy Valentines Day everyone! I should probably have taken a photo of Ben and I or something more appropriate to represent today, however while I was watching TV I noticed how cool the rounded reflection off the bin was right next to the airconditioner. So I snapped that instead. You can see little Bentley curled up next to the bed. Not sure how well it works as a photo, cause you kind of have to look past the bin and into the rest of the pic.


044: Cuppa anyone? But I'm not sharing my Frankie

Waking up to the sound of rain is just a delicious way to start the day. A bit sad when you can't stay in bed for the rest of it watching movies. So what better way to spend the evening after a hard days work than with a cup of tea and one of my Frankie magazines.


043: Believe

All day today I found myself saying to Rachel, I can't believe I'm hungry again, I can't believe it's raining, I can't believe etc etc. You know when you notice you say something a lot it seems so much worse when it pops out of your mouth again! So for today's photo I though I'd better believe!


042: Open vs closed

I find myself quite torn about whether I like kitchen cupboards to be enclosed or open with glass windows? Windows can be great if you have a spectacular, modern and sleek set of glasses (downside you have to keep everything very neat) or if you have a happy, higgeldy piggeldy selection of glasses and cups (bonus they look better popped away in no particular order). In my previous houses I've been quite content with neat and tidy traditional closed cupboard doors however for now I think I'm enjoying the latter. Randomness today!


041: Determined little players

Looking for an exciting new photography subject this evening I stumbled upon the boys foosball table. Was great getting the camera up close and personal with these little plastic football men.


040: Red rocket

Today Ben bought an exciting new toy! Check out his bright red Hyosung motorbike. I didn't get to see it until late so the photo isn't crash hot but I can't wait to have a ride!


039: By candle light

I popped a few candles in the bathroom this evening for a nice relaxing change. Would be a teensy bit nicer if I had a bath tub (you know one of those old ones with the claw feet) but you make the most of what you've got. Thought the soft glow would make a pretty picture too!
*I'd just like to add here, my blog got stuck for a few days as I was having trouble uploading my photos : ( So I would like to say 'big thanks' to Ryan for helping me solve the problem! Let the blogging continue!


038: Mmmm cupcakes

Isn't this one of the most delicious and pretty cupcakes you've ever seen? Candi treated us to a box of 5 of these gorgeous things when she spotted the new store, Cup-a-cake, at Chermside Shopping centre. We were spoilt for choice with Cookies and Cream, Peanut Butter, Peppermint, Caramel and Carrot Cake. I was shocked and delighted when I found out the whole box was only $10, a steal compared to some of the other cupcake stores around. So I just had to capture a little piece of cupcake heaven before they got gobbled up. I'm also in love with the macro setting on my camera right now, so the close ups are rolling in.


037: A trip to the zoo

Tonight I spontaneously popped in to the Zoo to have a few beers and catch up with some mates that were playing support to Melodyssey (well done Liam and Arctic!!!). I think I was more excited by the opportunity of getting some good photos in for the day than seeing any live music but like any spontaneous outing it was a fun evening. This is the photo I chose to use of Melodossy up on stage during their set, I had one other that was my pic of the night - taken from the side of the stage it's captured everyone jumping up and down waving their hands in the air. Had the band been in focus it would have been perfect but they were blurry too (obviously, they were jumping about) so I went for this one instead where they are clear and it's the guitarist's big grin that caught me. He looks like he's having a great time and the fans you can see love it too.


036: Just cruisin'

By far one of my favourite photos at this point in the project. Probably for 2 reasons. 1: I love the movement and simplicity captured in the photo and 2: I'm just so super excited to have my hands on my new bike I just couldn't resist riding and taking photos at the same time (this could lead to serious injury, I should probably control myself more next time and at least stop, not to mention the fact that I don't even have a helmet yet so the whole time I'm looking out for police, although what I'm planning to do if I see one I'm not quite sure, I don't think I've got the stamina yet to out race them that's for sure, but anyway getting off track!!!) So to sum up totally one of the funnest photos yet :)


035: Old beauty

A lovely old church just around the corner from my work. Caught it at a great time of day on a stroll out at lunch. I love the way the clouds look and the angle was great (didn't have much choice since I was locked out by the big gates you see in the very foreground of the pic) the way the tower looms up into the sky.


034: A close shave

The closest I've ever come to missing my photo of the day. Just about ready to tumble into bed I've realised I didn't take today's shot. I quickly grabbed my camera and looked for something to snap. I think I've captured both the puppy and my tiredness. He's shaking his head and he's ready for bed just about as much as I am. Definitely the least well taken shot of the bunch, but hey at least I got one in, the project must continue!


033: These things will never die

The trusty old con's. Battled and bruised but still ridiculously good looking for my daily photo. I like the muted natural colours and feel of today's shot.


032: A golden oldie

I was rather excited today, on a visit home, to discover that my brother has recently purchased a very old typewriter. So of course I whip my camera out to get some snaps of the lovely thing. This one was my favourite because you can see all the little individual metal letters that spring forward onto the paper once their key is pressed. I know you can't see much of the whole thing but I made sure I got the old school keys in the background! Very cool.