031: Disappointing dinner

This was the beginning of my dinner outing to Hog's Breath (Milton, just let me add) with Ben. So the order has been taken, we've got drinks and are just happily chatting and waiting for our food. The picture wasn't this rosey an hour and a half later when we discover from the manager that the waiter you can just see in the background here forgot to put in out order (obviously in the photo he is entering someone else's into the computer!!!!!) So with the promise of meals on the house and at our table in 10-15 minutes we agree to stay (since we are STARVING). A whole 2 hours after we ordered we received very sad looking steaks and obviously the reminance of the curly fry bowl (since it is now 10pm and they are starting to clean up). Very disappointing, thanks a lot Hog's Breath, I was willing to give you another go but this proves it, you and me are history.


030: Good-night

Quite obscure and random I know but it was this or a photo of my bed, because that's what I was grateful for today. I actually got to bed by 9:30pm an all time record for me (Rachel you'll be proud). So instead this symbolises my closed door ready for bed. I like the quaint old fashioned handles in my house with the old school lock. Wish I had a key!


029: Rockin' on

I see a little series starting here amongst the other 365 project photos! Taken in a similar setting to my 018: 'self take' the other night with the headphones and the amp, tonight I've finally got a shot of my wonderful boyfriend Ben doing one of his favourite things: jamming on his guitar. Out of a few more shots I took tonight this one was my chosen for the angle and black and white just seemed to suit like the other night.


028: Mural madness

An exciting and slightly wacky piece of wall art I found when out sampling the Grill'd burger bar at Chermside for dinner. Now my flat mate tells me one is opening up around the corner from our house. How exciting, but this could be dangerous.


027: Designer clutter

I wasn't terribly excited about getting my camera out tonight, as yet again I find myself at home, late, with no idea what to shoot. Sitting down at my desk to get on with some design work I noticed how nicely the light spilled across the table top. Plus my desk is actually quite neat at the moment (ok ok in a sort of organised chaos sort of state) and I liked what the scattered objects symbolise. Everything that is involved in my design work is here, my pencils, paper, text books, inspiring books, posters, pantone swatch book, computer the list goes on. So after all that I quite like how my desk has come up in today's photo. Bring on 028!


026: Best day of the year

Well it's here. My favourite public holiday of the year. That's right, Australia Day. Happy Oz Day to everyone! All I wanted to capture today was the Aussie spirit. Ok the flag is not very original, but the deck with the big green shed and the hillshoist in the background are all symbolic. Plus it was either this or a photo of my stereo tuned into triple J! Haha bring on the Hottest 100.


025: Laundry Sundays

Today was dedicated to getting some washing done and despite waking to the pouring rain (actually quite a nice sound to wake up to) I was determined to get it done. Luckily for me the day cleared up into a bright and rather hot day. Now late in the afternoon I thought it suitable to shoot some photos of our old hillshoist (a subject I've been dying to get some decent shots of, although I'd been unsuccessful until now). I realise you can't see any laundry on the line, I promise it is there though, just on the other side. Sorry I wasn't so keen to expose my underwear to the world. Instead I choose to focus on the pegs and the line. This is probably one of my fav pics to date. I think because it was well challenging me.


024: Reflections and movements

This photo is almost a two in one deal (and I even had another good one from today which made it really difficult to choose for 365, sorry, not the point)! I was a bit excited when I got my camera to capture the moving taxi in the street here. And I love the fading afternoon sunlight highlighting the corner of the mirror and the cars on the other side of the road. It was interesting playing around with the mirror in a photo to capture what is both in front of you and behind. I like it, it feels kind of sneaky.


023: Captured by the light

This was probably one of my most spontaneous shots so far. I'm trying to get the hang of carrying my camera everywhere and snapping anything that crosses my path throughout the day that is possible 365 material. Anyway I was just heading to the bus after a spot of late night shopping and was delighted to see a warm purpley pinky sky upon exiting the shopping centre. It is only accentuated by the tones and lights of city hall. It's just a shame that modern (slightly ugly building is in the background)!


022: Colour in lights

This was really a sitting, waiting, oh - photo opportunity! drive, kinda shot. I was keen to capture the traffic light colours shining bright late at night and I was pretty happy with the way this one came out. I like all the different light sources lighting up the night, Traffic lights, red and green plus the fuzzy glow of the streetlight too.


021: Kermit's caught up

Oh no! Kermit has been made captive in our kitchen! Maybe he'll do the dishes while he's there. Just a fun one today, had a few laughs setting it up.


020: An op shop gift

This evening I sought inspiration from objects scattered around my bedroom. This old antique flip clock that was a gift from my brother a number of Christmas' ago. I'm hopeless at finding the treasures in the op shops so lucky I have all these people around me that are talented in this department (you know who you are). I experimented with my lamp as a light source to achieve a very soft and warm glow.


019: Book mania

So I made it to Bookfest yesterday, a rather exciting trip that saw my friend Anna and myself trawling through bargains galore for much longer than we'd anticipated. Now while I've come nowhere near close to the staggering 57 books that my friend Alarna (of Little Jane St) purchased I did find myself a couple of lovely old arty/crafty books for a bit of creative inspiration. Both books have the delicious smell of my childhood favourites and will hopefully inspire much greatness in future designs. The book on the left is from the Thelwell series, containing many lovely illustrations and clever quips while the book on the right promises to teach me poster design from lettering and basic design, right through to the use of colour. However it's the pictures here that caught my eye, because while the book dates back to the 1960's I still see great layout and typography. So now I must apologise as today's photo was really not about the photography but the story I was just bursting to share about my book finds.


018: Myself

I'm sure everyone is wondering how I can post a photo of myself as a part of the 365 project, where I'm supposed to be taking the photos?! Well, with the timer set and a bit of fiddling to get the camera positioned correctly I managed to be both the subject and the photographer! Trust me I'd have avoided it at all costs but I left my photo a little late today and didn't have a whole lot to work with. I haven't experimented much yet with taking photos that include people. Despite being a little embarrassed about posting a photo of myself, this was quite fun and not a bad place to start, I can't wait to try and get some more people shots.


017: Across a meadow

I decided today's theme should be wide open spaces since I was taking a trip out to Beaudesert to visit Holly in her brand spanking new hair salon. So I thought I'd take advantage of some pretty scenery on the way home. My favourite thing about this photo is the way it's captured the movement in the grass blowing in the breeze and the sun glistening on the lens!


016: Holiday reading

In anticipation of the Lifeline Bookfest opening tomorrow morning at the Convention Centre, Southbank, I thought I'd photograph the lovely pile of books I got for Chrissie. This little nook outside my bedroom caught the evening light perfectly to create a dreamy afternoon shot. I better make a cup of tea and get reading!


015: House for sale

A sad thing happened today. This sign was put up outside our house. Looks like it's time for Candi, Bentley and I to find a new home...


014: Leafy green

Today I had a lunch date planned with my close friend Samantha. We decided to take a break from the cafes and bars in our work vicinity and meet in King Edward Park. This lovely spot of leafy greeness in the heart of Brisbane proved to be a good choice for a quick bite and a girly gossip. I just tried to capture these aspects in a light and descriptive photo


013: Sushi creations

I know I've put up a sushi photo already and I wasn't keen to double up on a subject so soon in the year, but my flat mate and I whipped these little rolls up for dinner tonight and I was just super excited with how they turned out! Sushi at mine anyone?!


012: Word games

At our place there is no better way to entertain ourselves while cooking dinner than with a few little word games. Kindly given to us as a housewarming present by Claire, these little words often find themselves in 'interesting' situations! It was fun trying to capture the best angle for this photo.


011: An insect encounter

This insect is totally disgusting and huge. I found him on the window of my car this afternoon. So I grabbed my camera to get some super close ups from the safety of the inside of my car. Kinda cool cause he looks like he's sitting on the lens or I've managed to catch him in the air!


010: Colourful treats

Today a spontaneous trip to Tom's Confectionery Warehouse saw Ben and I both a little overwhelmed at what to spend our pennies on. Sooo many lollies, it is a kid's wonderland. I stumbled upon these mini liquorice allsorts, an old favourite of mine. So before eating too many I brought them home and took a couple of snaps! I love the natural light from the window in the background. During the week I take most of my photos at night because work cuts out such a large part of my day, so on the weekends I just treasure the daylight. Maybe I should just get up earlier and get some photos in before work!


009: Music to my eyes and ears

Again I find myself pottering around my house late at night looking for a subject for today's photograph. I finally settled on my flat mate's old and slightly out of tune piano. I like the way my digital camera has given me a photo that looks older and grainier, like a film camera could produce.


008: Tokidoki Stylin'

A sneak preview of my new bike, that my super boyfirend Ben restored for me from a pile of junk we found on the side of the road! We really should have taken a before shot, just so you could see how bad it was, but we got it home and Ben was so keen to start he had it in pieces before I could even whip the camera out. I got to choose the new colours: lime green and black of course, makes for a gangster ride and the final touch will be my Tokidoki sticker, very conveniently also lime green and black. Can't wait to get it out on a ride.


007: Evening stroll

Went for a walk down along the river this evening, hoping for the spectacular sunset I've been blinded by driving along Kingsford Smith Drive so many times recently. It was a little cloudy for it today but I still managed to capture some nice left over light through the clouds.


006: My little warrior fish

Meet Hercules my fierce fighting fish. I struggled today to capture a good photograph, he certainly wasn't the first subject of the day. However I like the way the camera captures the bowl and his colours. It will do, I'm trying not to be too hard on myself since this is only the first week!


005: On a clear night

This photo had me experimenting with night time shots, getting the settings just right can be a little bit tricky. But hanging out in my backyard tonight I managed to capture this shot off the roof of my car! I definitely want to spend some more time working it out so look out for some more starry skied snaps later on.


004: Confessions of a sushi lover

One of my favourite things to do is head to the sushi station for a spot of lunch! So today that's what I did, this is probably one of the fanciest pieces I've ever found on that little train. I love how sushi chefs create such wonderful little pieces of mouth size deliciousness, with such speed and attention to detail.


003: A wee bit of birdspotting

This tiny little bird was flitting around outside my bathroom window with a few of his mates. Quite hard to capture as they moved so fast but I was chuffed that I caught this guy when he paused for a breather.


002: The childhood memory of campfires

Out camping one of my favourite things is the smell of campfires. Frustrated that I couldn't capture this I've settled for the visual pair instead. I'm really into bikes also at the moment so I liked this photo's composition. It reminded me of childhood memories, riding into the forest and making a campfire just of fun!


001: Bentley comes camping

What better way to start the project than with a darling photo of my super cute little pup Bentley. Taken while we were doing a spot of camping in Ballina this was just Bentley's cup of tea.

The Blog Begins

Wow, I'm finally here in the world of blogging! After plenty of umming and ahhhing over whether to create a blog for my project I thought it was time to bite the bullet and get this up and running.

The 365 project began on January 1st 2009. By far my best new years resolution, it starts with one simple guideline - take a photo a day. After a week I realised I felt the need to share my photos with everyone. Facebook has been a substitute and well, a bit of a trial to see if anyone was indeed interested in looking at my photographs. With plenty of comments from my friends, some good feedback and lots of cajoling from my creative friends already in the blogging world here I am.

So without further a do I will get on with uploading the large number of photos I have accumulated so far and look forward to sharing the rest of this year with you photo by photo. Enjoy and if you see something you like don't forget to comment. Stay tuned!