120: Bumble Bee

I was outside snapping some pics of these little flower buds and and some of the flowers that have already bloomed, when to my delight a bee flew in and landed on this bud. He was still for long enough for me to capture a few shots and I was quite pleased with how they turned out. It may have been just the right time for the warm afternoon light.


119: Miss Hardcore

My friend Claire got this very cool tat a few weeks ago. On the finger so hardcore. But diamonds are so pretty, so it makes for a good balance. I am quite fascinated with tattoos. I love this genre of art, critiquing other peoples tattoos and admiring the work of the talented tattoo artists makes for an interesting pastime between Ben and I. This is just another creative medium I've been keen to capture more of within my project.


118: Morning light on the clock tower

This morning I had the lucky opportunity to be up level with central station clock tower. It was a lovely place to stand and capture some morning warmth in the sun and there was a lovely view down into both Anzac square and Post Office square. It was nice to get my photo taken so early in the day for a change and in natural light, not something that happens regularly in the week, especially now we are getting into winter.


117: This week's treat

Last week it was Hula Hoops, this week it's Reece's Cups. A little easier to come by, these American chocolate peanut cups can be found down the road from our house at Tom's Confectionery Warehouse in many sizes and forms. If you're like me, into both peanut butter and chocolate, why not try them together! Definitely another one to try.


116: Outdoors

Yep you guessed it. Next issue of Frankie arrived in my mailbox this week and what a lovely way to devour it. On this sunny afternoon Bentley and I just chilled outdoors, on a towel and beanbag him with a bone and me with my mag. Delicious!


115: From the pub

Today was a close call. I made the vital mistake of leaving my camera battery in the charger at home. It was only when I whipped out my camera to take a pic at the park I realised what had happened :( But luckily the lovely Peachies saved the day by lending me their camera to get a few snaps in for the project. This was my pic from the pub tonight, just went for something abstract. Haha always a safe bet when you've got a few drinkies under the belt. 


114: The well worked board

I've been thinking recently that I'd like to sometimes write less about my pics and let them speak for themselves a bit more. To encourage me to really push for stronger and stronger photographs. I think this one might be a good place to start (plus I might also be a bit full from too much dinner)!


113: Shadows in Silhouettes

Snapped my friend Liam, playing with his new band Shadows in Silhouettes at the Zoo tonight. Great sound guys!


112: Darker side of the tank

A little peek into the shady world of one of Ben's (many) fish tanks. I found out this evening some (and I would imagine most) fish are quite hard to capture clearly as they are only ever still for a split second. Unlike poor old Hercules, my fighting fish that featured in the first week of the project, these guys are a bit healthier and therefore a bit more active. But I like the atmosphere caught in the tank in the photo and the clarity in the rocks in the foreground, movement in the fish in the centre and then the soft focus of the skull in the background. 


111: Hula Hoop fun

I don’t normally like to use the same subject twice, especially so close together, but since I am still thoroughly enjoying my Hoops I just couldn’t resist showing you some finger munching fun.


110: A taste of England

These dear little Hula Hoops were my very favourite crisps, growing up as a child in England. Now here in Australia the packets are few and far between. But what a treasured treat they are when I get my hands on some. Today a multipack!!! found it's way onto my desk before I arrived at work, proving to be the highlight of my day and the best Monday morning pick me up ever. Thank you so much Kerry, for placing an order, and big thanks to Kerry's Mum for buying me some Hoops and bringing them all the way over from England with you! For anyone that hasn't tried them before, if you are ever in England, or anywhere else you may stumble across a packet, shout yourself one! There are plenty of flavours to pick from, all wonderful.


109: Rainbow

My second oldie: A favourite from my trip to New Zealand last year. When we arrived in Queenstown, ready for a week of snow activities, we were also presented with a stunning view of the town and lake from our accommodation and a colourful rainbow along with it. The scenery was so pretty, including the snow capped mountains, it was such a lovely setting to capture a rainbow. I was very pleased with how strongly the colours came out, sometimes they look a bit faint when there is not quite enough rain to sun ratio. 


108: My first Max Brenner outing

I feel like a bit of a broken record, but sadly this weekend my camera's SD card had a spack attack again and deleted today and tomorrow's photos. I think it's time to get a new one! So I've dug deep in my photo library for a few oldies, but goodies to replace the 2 pics I've lost. Today's is now a delicious looking photo from my very first trip to Max Brenner in Melbourne. It seemed appropriate since I have been talking about the chocolate shop recently and I remember being a bit chuffed at the time because I only had a simple digital Kodak happy snapper but this photo captured the chocolate and the interior feel of the shop quite well.

107: A night out at the theatre

Tonight Ben and I headed out to see the great musical performance, Chicago. It was a great night out with Gina Riley putting on a stand out vocal performance. Who knew little Kimmy could sing like that! Unfortunately no pics allowed in the theatre so I couldn't get a 365 photo of the show, but I still wanted to capture some of the magic from tonight in todays picture.


106: The cutest little buttons ever

Hi everyone, apologies that I didn't get this photo up yesterday. These are just the cutest little buttons ever! They are shaped like pencil sharpeners. Completely random I know but I bought them purely for this fact knowing that they will probably never get used for their real purpose. But hey, I've got a photo out of them, so they were already worth it! Nice, shiny close up.


105: Orangey goodness

A little photo shoot with some orangey goodness today. Haha, yes another exciting find in the fruit box at work. Although this time plucked more for it's tastiness than good looks, it's made a good pic all the same. It was interesting playing around with different light and backgrounds for such a simple photograph. I've ended up liking the strong colour and the symmetry.


104: Bed time...

Hmmm I'm sleepy this evening. It's off into the land of nod for me, but I had to get my photo in first! Sweet dreams everyone.


103: A new print from PA

This was a little present I just couldn't resist getting for Ben over the Easter weekend! We all know how much I love Peter Alexander and luckily for Ben this stretches to include the boys pyjamas as well as the girls. I thought the illustrated print on these long cotton shorts was very cool! Make sure you head to the website to check out more of the latest Peter has to offer.


102: X, V, E...Scrabble?!?

What a lovely way to spend Easter Sunday afternoon, especially with the rain about. I'm sure many dust covered board games may have found their way out of the cupboard today. With Dad being somewhat of a master and Nick always full of unusual words we have never heard of, I knew Mum, Ben and I were up for a challenge. I probably experienced my best play yet though (teamed with Mum) our first word was vixen, pictured above, for a grand total of 31 points! Of course Dad gained points for a higher scoring word later in the game, going on to win but it was a well played out game, Mum and I coming in a strategic second! I was also pleased that it set up a wonderful shot for today's photo. I love the colours dotted about the board underneath the lettered playing pieces that show off some nice shadows from their 3D shape.


101: Easter effects

Check out these cool old school scales I found at my friend's house this evening. Not that many of us want to be weighing ourselves over this chocolate indulgent weekend but both the colour and the dial of this set caught my eye. Quite vintage! I thought it would sit nicely with some of my other photos.


100: Through the window at Wish

Today Claire, Dave and I took a trip out to Beauie (Beaudesert) to visit our favourite hairdresser Holly. We all got to know her at the local hair salon she used to work for, however a great opportunity came along for Holly to move 'home' and open her own studio. And so Wish Hair Studio was born in January this year. I know it sounds like a long way to go for a hair cut, but well worth it and lots of fun when you go with mates. Claire, Dave and I came away looking a x100 refreshed. You can see from the pic that I'm sporting a new look, there's nothing like a colour/style change to embrace the new season with!


099: A secret ingredient

I was first introduced to chilli chocolate on a trip to Max Brenner while visiting Melbourne a few years ago. I have only stumbled across it a couple of times since, once at the Byron Bay chocolate shop which has now sadly closed down. So I was quite delighted to discover Lindt has this dark chocolate chilli bar out. My little Easter treat to myself, I couldn't go past it. I love the unusual combination of these 2 ingredients. I tried to capture the contrast within the photo and have kept it really simple and uncluttered. Happy Easter everyone. I hope you all enjoy the long weekend!


098: The stocking are out

Hello winter, I'm so excited to get these new stockings. They are the best way to jazz up an old outfit. I took a photo of them earlier in the week but another photo won that day. So I wanted to try and capture a better shot this evening. I love the reflection caught in the shiny wooden floor and the simplicity of the room, highlighting the cool pattern of the stockings.


097: City and colour (just not the band)

This evening I stopped by the cliffs at Kangaroo Point on the way to Ben's house to capture a beautiful shot of the city. It's always a breathtaking view from up there, at many different times of the day, however I was excited to discover these different shades of colour casting themselves across the river. So pretty.


096: Havaianas for the fridge fairies

Check out these adorable mini Havaiana thong magnets I've popped on my fridge. So cute, just like the real things but with a magnet on the bottom and x20 smaller than usual. Some of these prints are my all time favourites. Wanted to get another close up in, playing around with the focus in the foreground and background. I like the white surroundings in this pic and the simple effect it gives the photo.


095: A colourful find

Imagine my delight today when I'm pottering around the house looking for a subject for today's pic and I glance out the window and notice this little beauty. You couldn't miss it, on a regular street, lined with regular cars this old Ford sticks out like a sore thumb. But a colourful one! I would hazard a guess the owner was either the unlucky victim of an act of graffiti vandalism or is some kind of creative arts student looking to colour their world just a little more. A perfect find on a rainy Sunday afternoon.


094: Hot house

Think warm sunny day, fans on. Artificial breeze blowing through the house. Pop on a skirt and totally feel like Marilyn Monroe.


093: Afternoon D-light

When I got home from work this afternoon I just fell into a nice little afternoon nap on the couch. Work was exhausting this week! Anyway when I woke, there was this lovely light spilling through the doorway into the lounge and delightfully presenting itself against the wall. We have this cute little birdcage sticker on the wall too, which was a great find by Candi at Wall Allure. Nice way to spark up your rental's wall without leaving any permanent damage. I'm off out to dinner now at the Lychee Lounge, in West End. We have been tempted by their glorious cocktail list for a while now so are going to try a couple. Everyone have a wonderful start to the weekend, see you with my next photo tomorrow.


092: Raindrops are falling on my window

Wasn't this morning just one of those days where you want to stay under the doona all day with a good movie or book? The sound of rain is so soothing, I love how it drowns out all the other day to day sounds we hear, lawn mowers, kids yelling in the garden next door, garage doors slamming. Not so pleased about it when it spoils my freshly cleaned and blow dried hair although that can be forgiven when you have friends that will lend you an umbrella (thanks Rachel) and I revert back to enjoying the rain. I took a moment this evening to appreciate the detail of the rain drops on my window and the soft lights and blurry edges in the background. So pretty! It was also an opportunity to replace the original 74, the water on glass shot that I lost off my memory card, maybe it was for the best though now that I look back on it because this photograph has turned out better.


091: Little bubbles of plastic goodness

Found some bubble wrap at work this afternoon. A glorious way to break, chill out, step away from the keyboard, burst a few bubbles (the plastic kind) that is. An interesting texture to photograph. How to make it interesting? Pop it? Thumbs though, fingers in general (and toes come to that) look funny in photos. But I'm in love with this nail polish at the moment. A dashing shade of watermelon from sportsgirl! Off topic. I think I'll go pop some more and think about what to photograph tomorrow.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to quickly apologise for my tardiness in posting these last 5 pics. The weekend rolled into this week way too quickly so I have spent this evening catching up and it's my April goal (as a lead into the rest of the year) to keep the posts uploaded each day so they correspond with the correct date.