Le Fin

Lovely followers, the time has come for my final post. I'm so pleased to report that the three.six.five exhibition was a terrific success. I had a wonderful time at Myrtle Street Studio, the prints looked great on the fresh white walls and I must thank all who popped by throughout the week. What an amazing way to finish. I'll leave you with a good handful of photos from the opening night and links to my current online adventures. 'Hello Sunday' is a collaborative project filled with polaroid fun and delightful short stories and Punctuated with Smiles is my blogland home for all things creative. Please, pop by and say hello!

Photos courtesy of these two lovely ladies, Ashley Oostdyk and Candice Bridger.


  1. Hi Emma,

    Nice to see you last night. What a lovely little opening!

    Here are a couple of the blogs I RSS to that I mentioned you might like:

    http://tsktsk.typepad.com/ (here in Bne)
    http://kylie-3sheets.blogspot.com/ (also in Bne)

    Have a great day!


  2. Hi KT, what great blogs :) Thank you for sharing. My reading list was overdue for some new material!