365: Class of three six five

Here we are on new years eve. Amid celebrations of a year ending, a year beginning, a birthday and the completion of my 365 photography project! I thought it would be nice to capture friends for this last post - in a old school class photo kind of style. Some of these guys above have been around since before the project was just a seed of an idea, some are new friends made this year, tonight even - helping me celebrate. 

To those of you who have supported me throughout the project, inspired me, posed for me, encouraged me - thank you, thank you, thank you. With a big special thanks to my beautiful, loving and caring boyfriend Ben, you helped me through the tougher, uninspired days and celebrated the photographic highs with me xo.

Probably one of my biggest and best new years resolutions, I'm proud that I stuck with it, made the most of it and now have a computer chockers with photos.

The plan for 2010... there is no specific photography project as such. I'd like to work on doing a few professional photo shoots, with models and makeup etc. Basically having a concept, putting in the planning and the organisation to try and get some super shots. Because what I found this year, while I had some great ideas and results, sometimes the photo wasn't the best I knew it could be and with that bit more planning time (more than 1 day!) I'm interested in the results!

I'm also planning an exhibition. Of the 365 photography project. I'd love the chance to display my photography work from the year, I think it would be hugely exciting to see it all in a room and to share it with family, friends and as many people I can get in off the streets as possible. So stay tuned!

I will also probably be starting another blog - just to post photos and design and other creative stuff I'm into and working on - so I'll let you know where you can find that.

Lastly (I know I waffle, I'm sorry) I would like thank all the lovely readers who have followed my adventure in blogland. Thank you for all your comments and your visits. Maybe one day we will get the chance to meet! For those of you who have your own blogs I look forward to continuing to follow your adventures and finding many new ones along the way.

So au revoir for now,

Emma xo 


  1. Awesome work here Emmy, Really enjoyed following this blog, really looking forward to your exhibition ;)

  2. Congratulations on completing your Journey Em! I look forward to catching up in the New Year:) And very excited to hear what is in store with your exhibition!

  3. Congrats, my dear! It has been but a pleasure, but a delight, but a bouyant fragrant bloom! Huzzah.

  4. Big thanks guys, you've all been a wonderful support. Can't wait to see what photography adventures lie in store this year!