128: Plastic sushi and a dirty window

If I was in a reality TV show and you had to produce something outstanding, whatever genre show you might be in (cooking:Masterchef, dancing:So You Think You Can Dance, singing:Australian Idol, popularity contest:Big Brother) that was going to be judged and used for or against me in voting, this is where I'd be taking a big risk. But one that I feel would be worth it. Sometimes I want to take a photo of something purely because I'd like to share it with everyone here, not because I think it would make a good photo, but I don't really like doing this. I like to capture things creatively and as you know am on a journey to learn how to take great photos. By accidently having my lens focus on the (dirty) glass in the sushi train window, it's actually taken a great shot of the cleaning residue on the glass and the blurry colours and light in the background. Much more arty, much more my style.

1 comment:

  1. Really like this one Emmy – It poos all over most DSLR photography, showing technical composition can always be outdone by creativity ;)